I'm Kimberly...

And I might be vegan.

I've been working toward a fully plant-based diet for several years. And I've finally made the switch. I invite you to follow my kitchen adventures here and on Youtube and Instagram.

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“Lettuce begin the turnip.”

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If you’re thinking about going vegan and aren’t sure where to start. Grab this book and start a 7-day Challenge for  $11.97 .

If you’re thinking about going vegan and aren’t sure where to start. Grab this book and start a 7-day Challenge for $11.97.

In-Home Meal Prep

Want to have me over for dinner? I'll prep a single or a few meals based on a menu we select.

Pricing based on your distance from city center in Atlanta, GA, and number of meals prepared.

Use the contact form below to start the convo.

Meal Planning Subscription

For just $5/mo, I'll plan your meals for you! Each week, you'll receive recipes (along with the accompanying grocery list) to plan your plant-based lunch and dinner for the entire week.

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Shows & Podcasts

Do Fries Come with That Convo PODCAST

A comedic podcast (video and audio) from two Black vegans laughing their way to debunking, demystifying and decolonizing all things vegan with a side of fries.

Listen on your favorite podcast platform. And follow us Facebook and Instagram.


Vegan This, Not That

An original series documenting my quest for the tastiest...the weirdest...and the most disgusting vegan dishes we can find in restaurants around Atlanta and beyond. We put these dishes head-to-head, letting you know you to try...and what to trash. Season 1 is available on Facebook and Youtube.

What's a plant-based diet?

I'm defining a plant-based diet as one with no animal products or byproducts. Yes, that's the same as vegan. But unlike a traditional vegan diet, a plant-based diet does not include processed, GMO or artificial foods, or ingredients (including artificial sweeteners, store-bought junk food and candies, and processed meat alternatives).

If you’re considering going plant-based but aren’t sure where to start, check out my #FromMeatsToBeets Challenge… it’s designed to help you go from zero to plant-based in 7 days.

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